Monday, 31 December 2012

Trouble for New Year

So yesterday the Twin recieves a text from mum.  It is accusing me of not sticking to the truce as I haven't responded to one text.  Instead of telling her to sort it out with me Twin asks me to text her. First I haven't broken truce by not responding to one text and she has by raising it but we won't go there. I dutifully text and all seems well but this morning I get a text in which she calls me by a name I have hated since I was a little kid.  I text back asking her not to call me that as I have always hated it as she knows and I get a text saying she didn't know!!!!
Now I have always told everyone who calls me by this name not too since I was six and she says she didn't know that. Either she hasn't been paying attention for the last 30 years or she doesn't care. Anyway tempted to respond with the above but don't or I would be seen as starting a fight.
The real issue is that twin and myself are actually sick - with a cold (big deal), but her sickness is clearly made up.  She is still saying she has the winter vomiting bug however I looked it up on NHS 24 and it only lasts forty eight hours and she has supposedly had it for three weeks.  She can't stand the fact that someone else will get more attention then her so her illness has to be worse. I have had enough and I don't want to play nice anymore.
I have also found out that she has told dad that she wants no contact with him anymore. He is thrilled but she couldn't do it without accusing him of some horrible things.
My prediction for the new year is that she will try to pick a fight with me and turn my sisters against me.  It is now time to wait and see

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