Sunday, 6 January 2013

And so it begins

So as predicted Mommie Fearest has been getting worse. First there were the random texts which were trying to find out if Twin and I were sicker than her (we have colds) and every detail of our lives which we dealt with, but on Thursday I get a call about lunch time. First their is the dramatic pause for breath then she begins sobbing down the phone. She no longer has the winter vomiting bug but now has an urinary tract infection and is in soooooooo much pain and has been for two days, despite the fact she texted twin to say she was fine the day before.  She needs us to go get her prescription.  Now the doctor was just at her house and he could have sent the prescription to the chemist but no we have to come and get it, then go to the chemist and then deliver her meds.  I agree but as Twin and I are both sick she has to leave it outside her door and we will pick up and drop off the same way.  All goes well but I barely even get a thank you.
Next day Twin gets angry text why didn't we tell her niece and nephew were coming. We didn't know so that's what Twin tells her.  We hear no more about it. However we get texts the day after saying they had been at her house and had lots of fun and nephew said she was the best Nanny in the world (which I find hard to believe as he always finds her a bit scary).  On Sunday we see dad and it turns out she had phoned him really early waking everyone up and demanded that they come and see her because they had only come through to see her. She was apparently very nasty. I would have told her to go to hell but Dad agreed. Dad was annoyed but we all agree she is ill but not physically but mentally. 
Twin and I didn't see her but I am not looking forward to it because if she mentions Dad there will be a fight because I will defend him.

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