Monday, 24 December 2012

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Part 3

So far it looks like there is no way we will be seeing mum this Christmas.  Thursday evening I get a call from Big Sis on the way home from work.  Mum has been at her for 2 days straight. She is not manic she does have winter vomiting bug we are all evil horrible daughters. Eventually she agrees to talk to Mum's doctor.  Speaks to doctor who says that mum has a virus (although he hasn't seen her being sick or having the runs) and that he knows mum really well (only seen her twice before) and she is not manic.
Big sis is annoyed at doctor but says we can no longer claim moral high ground.  We agree she will text us all and ask for truce.
This message goes out to the three of you and applies to me too! I am not prepared for the women of this family to fall out.  Accept that things were said that shouldn't have been said, accept that not one of us is perfect.  Ask yourself what part did I play in this.  What can I do to make it better?  I am calling a truce...There will be no tears and no rewriting history or blame casting... Wer all need to pull together.  We are all hurting but I don't care. " Fake it till you make it"
Twin texts - As Big Sis says a truce would be best under the terms outlined no blame no recriminations etc. Lets move on shall we.
I text - I agree with Twin and Big Sis its time to move on and forget.
Mum - ok
Within the hour she has called Big Sis that she will only agree a truce if Big Sisagrees that mum wasn't manic.  Big Sis tells her to F off and die.  Truce over. Twin and I start to make plans to liberate the kids presents from her house.
Next day mum is full of apologies and the truce is back on.
Within a day she is texting to ask me to do things for her - so far I have refused nicely.
Nightmare Before Christmas appears to be over but there is always time for things to go wrong.

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