Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas with my mother - or not

Its the week before Christmas and still mum hasn't arranged with us if we are to see her or not.
She has been texting a lot and they are pretty mad texts but we have been mostly ignoring them or just giving short answers and not pandering to her.
Yesterday Twin recieves a text from mum - can you call me when it is convienient we need to arrange Christmas (only 2 days to go).
Twin calls and it turns out mum is still insisting she has winter vomiting bug. She has this bug but can stay on the phone to big sis for over an hour with no symptoms.  Because of the made up sickness mum cannot see us on Christmas (I am cheering at this point - thanks Santa)
What we are going to do is go to her house on Christmas morning and there will be black bin bags (yep are presents are in bin bags) which we can pick up and leave hers.  She will not touch us or breathe on us or anything -now if we can only get her to not talk to us.
Then we go back to the house and skype her so she can see us opening our presents.
So we get our presents and barely have to see her - this works for me.
We also have to get the presents Big Sis left with mum and then bring them to dads so she can see us opening them.  Note to Big Sis - never leave anything at mums.
So Christmas is all arranged.  However mum thinks it is necessary to text me multiple times to confirm. She has forgotten I am at work ( I only told her 7 or 8 times) and when I tell her she wants to make a new law that nice people don't have to work Christmas.  More text ramblings each followed by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (more than 3 is the sign of a disturbed mind).  I end up not replying any more - the last one I couldn't have replied to any way.  However it does not bode well for tomorrow or the rest of the christmas period.
However this means mimimal Christmas contact with mum (only the usual 3 or 4 calls) and then I can ignore her for the rest of the year.

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