Friday, 28 December 2012

A Surprisingly Normal Christmas

Now usually my family can't go through a holiday or special event without some form of crisis, trauma or fight but this year seems to be the exception to the rule.  We actually made it through Christmas without any of the above.

Christmas morning Twin and I had breakfast (bacon and cheese muffins  - thanks Twin) and headed to Mums.  She is waiting at her door but is not allowed to touch us or come too close because of the imaginary winter vomiting bug but has thoughtfully put our presents in bin bags for us to pick up.  We leave hers and pick up ours and head back home.  We then have to skype her to open the stuff where she can see.
Skype goes ok apart from the few times we have to duck out of shot to try not to laugh or make faces with one small flaw.  This should have taken 30 minutes max however an hour later we are still on.  Mum is doing her usual talking forever about things she has repeatedly told us before or things that we do not want to know.  It is always difficult to get her to stop as even when you can get a word in she will still continue even when you tell her that she has told you before or ask her to stop.  She finally gets off and we get on with the tasks we need to do before heading to dad's for dinner.  The presents aren't great as she didn't ask what we wanted but got what she thought we would like - she never gets this right as she doesn't really want to know about our life just to control it.  There are a few things that we like however.
10 minutes after getting off Skype she is back on the phone to Twin asking her to get some shopping for her tomorrow.  Twin says no and there is still no major falling out.
We go off to Dads for Christmas lunch and have a good time.  Dad out did himself this year.  I think he and Girlfriend also liked gifts we got them.
Big Sis shows up with littlest niece and Boyfriend and stays for half an hour.  There are no fights and Big Sis and Girlfriend seem to tolerate each other.
Twin and I head home for a night of Christmas TV.  Mum phones in the middle of Doctor Who but Twin tells her she will call back when its over. Twin calls back and talks for 10 minutes but comes away not knowing what mum wanted.  Mum then calls me.  She wants to know if I don't want to be her contact for phone-link.  These are the people who call her every morning to make sure she has taken her meds (which she is not taking) and that she is ok.  She put me down as her contact without my permission.  I tell her that I don't want to be and she hangs up.  Sounds quite grumpy about it.  Don't know who she will have now but if she puts Jeni down there will be trouble.
No more contact that night.  Slight issue the next when at the panto.  I had unfriended her on facebook when we had the huge fight and hadn't re added her.  Well she found out and was apparently hurt.  Big Sis had texted me to tell me and asked me to add her back on.  I dutifully did and was expecting trouble about it but got none.
The only other issue is that Mum has no unfriended Dad's Girlfriend on Facebook.  No idea why and Girlfriend is not bothered about it but may lead to upcoming drama.
So that was it - Christmas with no trauma, drama or fights
Very very unusual
Well there is still the New Year to come!

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