Thursday, 20 December 2012


This blog will discuss my life which thanks to my lovely family resembles a soap. Sometimes even more exciting/ depressing than east enders but mostly like Eldorado. For those of you who don't know what Eldorado is thats what wikipedia is for.
This blog will not feature names and if any of my family find it I shall deny all knowledge. Except for one who shall remain unknown.
Featured people
The evil twin - not really evil but I had to call her something.
The older sister - a recovering alcoholic with a range of issues
My mad mother - shes bipolar although she currently denies this. Also known as mommie fearest and the other mother.
My darling dad - He wasn't always perfect but he made up for a lot.
Dads girfriend - a nice but sometimes sulky women who has had to put up with a lot but is still with him.
my darlin nieces and nephews - they are all lovely and will only be known
by initials
a cast of thousands - the people I work with, my friends and the people who annoy me (there may be a lot)
Me - a twin, a local goverment worker and a grump who will rant needlessly.
Next post - the nightmare before christmas

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