Monday, 24 December 2012

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Part 2

So after the horrendous phone call mum calls a few more times.  I ignore her and so does Twin.  Big Sis phones to find out what happened and I explain and she said she has pretty much had the same.  We are all really angry.
Here nothing for a day but then on Sunday when we were at Darling Dads I get a call from Big Sis.  Had I heard anything from mum what were we going to do etc.  Can't really think of anything but big sis says she will talk to her and try and get her to get help.
Within minutes of her hanging up mum texts me and the Twin. One work text 'help'
I text no and the Twin texts why should we help you after the treatment we have had.
No response but Big Sis phones again and says she is trying to get her to get treatment but is being ignored.  Twin texts her and tries to get her to go to the doctor but no joy as she is refusing to admit she is sick.  I am so upset I cannot finish my dinner.
Hear nothing further till Tuesday then we get a call from Big Sis asking if mum has called us about nanny coming.  Turns out my grandma is still coming for Christmas and mum expects us to pick her up from the station even though she has never asked.  Mum has also been saying she is sick and has the noro virus (article on the news that morning). Mum eventually calls Twin to ask and Twin agrees but says she doesn't think Nanny should come.  Mum in super saccharine voice says - oh you believe I am sick (winter vomiting bug).  Twin says no too mentally ill to have her.  Mum is not pleased.  Mum has already tried to put Nanny off but says Uncle says she has to come.
Twin and Big Sis agree to try and put Nanny off and Twin sends a message to Uncle to ask him to call her.  Uncle does call but says mum has already agreed that Nanny is not coming.
Mum has also told Uncle it is Twin who has mental health problems.  We find this out later by text from Big Sis.  Twin is very upset and never wants to see mum again.
Upshot is Nanny no longer coming for Christmas.  Twin and I not speaking to mum.  Big Sis worried Christmas is cancelled.

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