Friday, 21 December 2012

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Part 1

And so it all began 2 weeks before Christmas. Mum had been on the phone a lot to both my sisters and had started to get quite angry and mean. We thought it was her usual 2 week panic but it turned out to be worse.  It was my turn to call and I dutifully did so. It started out well but even though I had been trying to help mum suddenly turned on me. The other mother was back. Needless to say a fight ensued and I hung up the phone.  I had tried to explain my side but mum didn't listen She was right and I was wrong. All I had been doing was trying to help and I was shouted at and belittled for not doing enough. Needless to say she kept trying to phone back to me and my sisters. The evil twin spoke to her and was also abused and hung up the phone. The other mother was back.
She kept phoning but we needed a break so asked her to stop calling and texting.
The next day she was apparantly on the phone to older sister all the time.She asked me to text her.  I did and asked her to forget all about it. She called me that evening and from start to finish it was a rant. Once again she was right and we were wrong. That I needed to apologise, that she was never bipolar and we only tried to have her commited when she was happy.  I snapped I reminded her off all the things she did when she went manic such as throwing me and the evil twin out, trying to have dad arrested, going shoplifting and attacking me. I then said that I had had enough and stopped the call. That was it Christmas was cancelled.
part 2 soon

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