Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Team Meeting Drama

So I have had little family drama in my life for the last fortnight but just to compensate it seems like the drama at work is getting a little worse.
I am not going to say what I do or where I work because I would rather not get sacked but I am going to talk about things that are currently causing me stress.
The thing that did it today was my team meeting.  My team meets fortnightly and the majority of meetings are productive but can be long.  However occasionally we have a meeting that puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day and today was one of those days.
We have a rota for minutes and who is chairing.  I set this up at the start of the year and the team are supposed to check to see who is down.  They never do and expect me to remind them.  I am not their secretary or their mother so I am now refusing to do this. Today the person who was supposed to be chairing didn't check the rota so didn't find out till just before the meeting.  This was apparently my fault for not telling them.  Next they forgot to bring minutes of the last meeting, which is the chairs responsibility, so the meeting was delayed while they went to get them.  Another member of the team had reminded them of this so there wasn't really an excuse.  So the meeting starts and although we have a set agenda the chair kept asking what was next.  I was starting to get grumpy by this point.
Through the entire meeting the chair then proceed to question every little thing that was said.  Now most of these things are ongoing work and the process and decisions have already been made so there isn't really any point having discussions but the person who is chairing has a habit of wanting to prove that they are morally superior to the rest of us and that they know the job better.  I personally got fed up of explaining things again and again and I am pretty sure other team members felt the same.
Next I raised something that had been agreed since the start of the year to give an update and a member of the team who is usually on my side started talking like they knew nothing about it and then tried to palm a lot of their work off on me as I knew about it.  It was sorted out but really annoyed me as I had been talking about it since before January and they all should have known about it.
Finally one member of the team repeatedly asked questions about things the rest of the team have known about for some time.  Now I know you are thinking well they should have been told, or maybe they didn't know but the annoying thing was there has been emails sent round about a lot of the things and we discussed the rest at the last team meeting which this person attended.
It just annoyed me as it made this person look bad and didn't really reflect well on the rest of the team.
Anyway it was a minor drama but I came out in a really bad mood and just wanted to shout at people. Its been a major effort for me not to snap and growl at everyone for the rest of the day.
I know I have anger issues ( I can go into rants that last for days and I do take my anger out on others that don't deserve it - I am trying to stop this) but team meetings like this just seem to wind me up more than usual.
I need to start thinking of ways to start off calm before going into a situation that I know will wind me up so it doesn't have so much of an effect on me.

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