Friday, 1 February 2013

Am I an evil daughter

This morning the twin got a call from Mum.  She is in the hospital, no not the mental hospital, something to do with her gall bladder.
My first thought - she's faking it
My second thought - she couldn't stand that Twin has bruised her ribs and is getting attention so she had to make something worse up.
My third thought - she's had a month without attention so she has to pull one of her stunts.
It was only after I thought all this did I consider the possibility that it might be genuine.  Then I thought Oh god does this mean I might have to apologise. Does this make me an terrible person?
After thinking about it for a while I realised that it doesn't make a difference to me.  Even if she is genuinely ill it doesn't excuse her behaviour before and after Christmas or throughout the rest of our lives.  I think I have reached my limit now and because of everything we have been through I have to stick to my decision not to see her anymore. If people see me as a bad daughter because of this then I guess I am just going to deal with it.
Of course if she is not really sick and ends up in the mental hospital I will be totally vindicated.  I will also be stealing her car as Twin thinks the clutch on ours has gone again as she drove into her work car park this morning and if mum is going to be in the hospital she won't be using it and we have a key :) - obviously this will just be till we can buy a new one. 

Twin got text from mum to say that the doctors were sending her for a scan as they didn't know what is was (not your gall bladder then mum).  Again my first thought was , yes because you are making it up for attention.
Later she texted a very long text to Twin to say it was unofficially confirmed as her gall bladder (because that's what she has diagnosed herself as) and that her own doctor (when did he speak to him) had reduced her dosage of antidepressants because they were affecting her liver function and her CPN was supposed to speak to her about it today but of course she was in the hospital.  Well the alarm bells went off for me.  Not only has she stopped her anti psychotics but she is now taking about coming off her anti depressants.  Also no doctor would just reduce like that you have to do it very gradually over a planned period or there are major side affects.  My thoughts are she has decided to come off all meds and is using this illness (which may be made up) to do it.  PANIC STATIONS - batten down the hatches.
Twin is supposed to go and see her in hospital to find out what she needs, then go and get it and bring it to her.  Twin is going to borrow her car to do this. Big Sis had said she would come down but then said she wouldn't as littlest niece is sick leaving Twin to cope with everything.
I feel bad for Twin and will help as much as I can while avoiding Mum.
My only hope is that while she is in hospital the Doctors will notice shes nuts and send her off to the mental hospital instead.  

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