Monday, 11 February 2013

And the drama continues

Last week was pretty hectic at work and stressful with the situation between Big Sis and Dad so I was looking forward to a nice weekend. I almost got away with it too (if it weren't for those meddling kids and their dog!),
Actually started out well.  Went out for a couple of drinks after work, had a lovely time but didn't get drunk and came home at a reasonable hour.  Managed to get up in time to go to the farmers market and the library.  Went to the cinema, Wreck it Ralph was very good, and another nice evening in.
On Sunday Big Sis's two oldest came through with dad.  They had their dad's permission but Big Sis didn't know,knew it would cause some trouble but actually didn't care.  Twin and I saw them for lunch and then she went off to see Mum while I stayed to play.  I had a really good time and we were joined by out adopted nieces too so it was lots of fun.  Twin however was not having fun.
Twin was at Mum's for ages well over an hour and a half.  Mum spent the entire time haranguing twin about how dad was to blame for everything in mums life and how horrible he treated her and how he beat us and her up.  She did make a few things up here.  And then she said she still loved him.  Bear in mind they have been divorced for over 20 years. Then Twin got every detail of mum's supposed illness, even though she didn't want to know.  Including how she was never manic and probably not even depressed. Then it was all about how Big Sis was right about everything and Dad and us were wrong.  Twin was going to lose it at this point because mum wouldn't even accept her point of view but she had to leave then if she wanted to see all the kids before they went home.
When she arrived at dads Twin was upset but kept it together for the kids.  When she told me I was really angry but again kept calm so the kids wouldn't see.  At this point mum phoned dad about the big sis situation even though Twin had begged her not too.  Dad didn't answer the call and later deleted the message.
Later when we were at home and had finally relaxed for the evening Twin gets a phone from mum.  She is coughing up blood.  Twin dashes out to get her to the hospital.  Now before anyone panics there wasn't anything wrong. She had a nosebleed earlier and that's when she coughed up the blood - quite clearly it was from that.  While Twin is round at Mum's I get a call from Dad.  Mum has left a message on his answerphone again, saying she knows the kids were here and that Twin had lied to her  Dad had phoned to warn us about retaliation.
It becomes clear this is what the hospital drama is all about.  This is Twin's punishment for daring to disagree with her and for not telling her about the kids.  I text twin but she is now stuck going to the hospital with mum.
When Twin gets there the ambulance men are clearly sick of her and the doctors and nurses don't know what to do with her.  Twin has to hang around for hours, mostly because mum won't let her go home.  She doesn't get in till near 11 and is so tense she can't relax.  Neither of us sleep well and we don't go to work today.  The whole day is spent waiting for news about mum.
I do a lot of house work because I half to do something.  Mum doesn't even bother to let twin know what ward she is in or anything.  Finally about 4 Twin gets a text Mum can leave can Twin come and get her.  Again no details about where in the hospital she is.
Twin is now off to collect her and bring her home.   Looks like there isn't a damn thing wrong with her.  If you ask me this was all a big ploy to get attention and to punish Twin.  If it was me I would drop her at her door and tell her to go to hell but Twin is much nicer than I am.
The thing that really annoys me through is through the whole thing Big Sis hasn't been a bit supportive and just spent a lot of time having a go at Twin.  Twin did tell her to eff off at one point but its like water off a ducks back.
I hope Twin makes it home soon without having to kill Mum 

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