Thursday, 21 February 2013

relatively calm

So the last week has been quiet ( I realise I am tempting fate here).
Twin had one text from mum, supposedly forwarded from Nanny, trying to make her feel guilty.
We just ignored it and kept on.  Big Sis has been quiet - even gave suggestions for youngest child's birthday and Dad is still seeing other two kids without much hassle.
Twin is very stressed at work but took two days off this week to recover/ mitigate the stress and I am doing better myself. 
I had been drinking quite a look in the evenings and kept saying I was going to cut back because it was making me feel awful, yet I never managed it.  This week I did cut back.  Monday and Tuesday no drink at all and I felt so much better.  Last night, after a rubbish work day I did give in and have a bottle of wine.  Today the old feelings are back and I wish I never drank it.  However what is done is done. What would usually happen at this point in the past is that I would give up all my good resolutions for the rest of the week and say I will start again next week.
This week I am not going to let that happen.  I am determined to keep cutting back on the booze, not come off my healthy eating plan and get some more exercise.
The reason - the two days I didn't drink I felt great.  I got enough sleep, I felt positive, I managed to tackle a lot of things I had been putting off and I ate much better than I usually do.
This morning (after wine) I woke up tired, I felt sick, I was grumpy and angry and the last thing I wanted to do was work.  I much prefer the positive feelings.
So its back to the positive for me.

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