Monday, 28 January 2013

just when you think things can't get worse they do

So with everything that has been going on you would hope that we could have a break but no of course not.
First Twin has had a rotten cold that has been going on for weeks.  She has already had antibiotics for a chest infection and conjunctivitis, but has been left with a cough.  In the last few days she has been complaining of pain when she coughed.  However this Sunday it got wore and it began to hurt even when she was breathing.  Dad and I ended up taking her to the hospital on Sunday night.  Turns out she has bruised her ribs by coughing.  There is nothing she can do about it but take painkillers and wait it out.  She posted what happened on facebook and Mum got in touch to ask what was wrong.  Well what she actually said was I know you asked for space but I am really worried whats wrong.  The implication here is that Twin is being selfish by making mum worry because its not about Twin being sick but of course its all about Mum.  Twin hasn't replied yet and is dreading it.
Next we have been having trouble with the gear box in the car.  It has been really tough to get it in gear and we were actually considering buying a new car as this is the end of a long list of troubles with this one.  However on the way to work this morning Twin was driving and couldn't get the car into gear at all.  She is now sitting with car and breakdown truck waiting to see if it can be fixed.  Twin thinks its the clutch cable which snapped before but it might be a misaligned gearbox which would be about £700 to repair, if it can be repaired. Its just one more thing on top of all the trouble we have been having that is just pushing us closer to the edge.  I am in work as I type this and I just want to cry.  It just seems like nothing is going right just now.
Doesn't help that my horoscope said this today - this is not the best time to move forward - - in fact you may need to struggle a bit just to remain in place!
Just sums everything up!

UPDATE - Turns out its the clutch pedal that's worn.  The nice man from the breakdown service tightened its and its fine but we will need to get it replaced at some point