Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I have had enough

So I am at work and my mobile phone rings.  Its the Other Mother.  She immediately starts crying and insists that I need to come see her now!  I ask whats wrong and she says (crying the whole time) that she is till in terrible pain and the Doctor is coming out and I need to come see her.  When i ask for more detail she says never mind and hangs up the phone.
I start to email Twin (who can't speak - bad cold, possible infection) and then get a phone call from a member of her team.  Mum has phoned them and they are worried as Twin is in meeting can I call her.  I explain and then mobile rings again - mum.  She can't get Twin and needs me to come out.  I explain that I can't get out and that I don't think she is ill.  She was fine enough at the weekend to see niece and nephew and to harass Dad. She goes off on one and before I can explain my position the phone is hung up once more.
I then text her Mum if you are not going to be rational then stop calling me. First you had the winter vomiting bug for 3 weeks which isn't possible because it is a 48 hour bug. Then you had that infection and now you are saying that the antibiotics aren't working. Yet they were working well enough for you to see the kids and to harass dad. I don't believe you are physically ill but I do believe you are mentally ill and need help. I am sorry but you need to deal with this yourself and leave us alone
Twin then calls, whispering down the phone, I explain whats happened and what I texted.
Twin sympathises but doesn't want to get caught in the middle which is fair enough.  However she does text mum to ask what she wanted.
Twin then gets a call from Mum (who knows she can barely speak).  Mum forces a highly reluctant doctor to tell her mum has kidney infection and needs antibiotics.  Mum then hangs up.  Twin texts her to say thanks for the call but why did the doctor phone as she all she asked was what was wrong, and that she told me. Also that any issues she has with me she needs to take up with me.
Twin then receives a series of texts from Mum blaming me and trying to pull Twin into argument.  She also blames Dad for stuff at weekend and says that she never harassed him but asked about his health and stuff. What she did do was phone him and be really nasty to him (he hung up twice) and demand the kids be taken to hers as they only came to see her. She also says that the infection (which was a urinary tract, and then a kidney and now a urinary tract infection) has got worse and this doctor (who has never seen her before) knows everything.  Twin texts her back a nice neutral text and then eventually gets a text asking if we want to stick to truce.  I text mum and say the truce was before Christmas and the fight then and not about anything that is happening now and that I want no further contact.
Mum asks for what she has done wrong and I give her a list.  She then tries to blame Dad and Big Sis for everything and acts like she is the perfect mother (far from it).
While this is all going on Twin is getting texts pressing her to pick a side - she asks for space but  Mum keeps pushing.  She eventually agrees to give her space, however in the same text she admits to having hallucinations (manic episode anyone).
I eventually text that as far as I am concerned I have no mother and she still has to have the final word - that she doesn't care anymore.
I don't respond.  I do text Big Sis and Dad to give them warning of the impending storm.
What happens next - we can only guess

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