Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Rage

Today I have the rage

It has been slowly building but I have been pushed over the edge

First its Mother’s day soon and I have been bombarded with emails telling me what to by my mother to show her how wonderful she is and Facebook posts asking me to list all the things that make my mother special.  But my mother isn’t wonderful or special, in fact she is a nightmare from which there is no return so for the second year in a row she will be getting nothing at all and I will be celebrating two years no contact.

Second the general election is now only 2 months away so the usual rubbish has started. First we got the Sun publishing a highly sexist picture of the Leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon, then we got our very own Prime Minister announcing that he would now debate with Alex Salmond, ignoring the fact that Alex Salmond is no longer the leader of the SNP, that would be Nicola, and is in fact just a candidate for Westminster.

Then this morning I had to watch some total eejit allow his puppy to run out into traffic nearly causing an accident – not once but twice.  All because he didn’t want to use a leash.

Then I caught the article on the BBC about the twatbadger Farage leader of UKIP saying how we should scrap equalities legislation because hey we are all equal now and companies should be allowed to discriminate.  He must be living in a different world to the rest of us.

Finally I had a rather junior colleague try to dictate to me about how I should do some work that wasn’t even my responsibility.  This particular colleague seems to think that she is in charge and the whole world revolves around her and we should bow to her every whim.  She got a rather stern email back but it involved another discussion with management about her behaviour.

I am now off to a lunch time meeting with a difficult person in which nothing will be resolved. 

If anyone hears a loud bang in Scotland – don’t worry that’s just me exploding

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  1. If you must explode, can you nip down to london and take out a few politicans at the same time :-)