Monday, 25 November 2013

She's Back

So this weekend I found out my mother is back in town.  Turns out she has been kicked off the Caravan site were she was staying near big sis for the winter and has had to come back.
This was found out through an old neighbour of Dad who ran into Dad's Girlfriend at a coffee place.
The neighbour also said that she has decided to sell her flat.  This is apparently because she can no longer manage the stairs because there is something wrong with her back.
The neighbour, according to Dad's Girlfriend, was apparently very sceptical that there was anything wrong with her at all.  As am I.
In the last 6 months she has been telling anyone who would listen that there was something wrong with her ranging from cancer to MS.  Looks like she has decided that its now her back.
Twin checked Mum's facebook and has confirmed that she is telling people that its her back.
She has also confirmed that Nanny is coming to see mum for 3 weeks at Christmas.
Mum wasn't at her flat this weekend but Twin says it was on her Facebook that she was seeing Big Sis.
The problem is that now she is back in town Twin and I are in fear of running into her.  She has always changed things so that every place we go from the doctors to the hairdressers will become her place and it is likely that we will run into her eventually.  However whether she will cause a scene is what we are worried about, because no matter where it is she will try to make us the bad guys.
Twin was also wondering where she will move too if she sells her flat.  She can't move in with Big Sis as her house is too small, but she could buy a bigger house for them to share which would mean we would see less of Big Sis then we do now. Or she could just move nearer Big Sis.  It would be good for us but bad for Big Sis.
It did take her about 5 years to move the last time though so it may be some time before she goes but we will be keeping an eye on the flat and the property guides so if she does sell we know about it.
Twin and I are going to see Big Sis in a few weeks and I can only hope that she won't be there and that Big Sis has the sense to keep her away but its a risk we are going to have to take.
Twin has been having a bad time and doesn't need any more emotional turmoil just now but you never can tell what the other mother will do.

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